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Posted By: sophocleese
24-Sep-99 - 12:25 PM
Thread Name: Ethical Question - Handicapped Fans
Subject: RE: Ethical Question - Handicapped Fans
I agree that there could have been some middle ground in this one. Then again your friend said that he was getting quite rattled by it and in such circumstances it is tricky be crreative and kind. On the other side I don't take children who are going to fidget and make a lot of noise to concerts where they are gong to disturb others. Its not a matter of my children having or not having the right to see the same performances, but that the rights of everybody in the audience to enjoy the performance must be considered. The social worker, I think, erred in placing noisy and disruptive people in the front row for this concert.

I have sung with a madrigal group in a home for mentally and physically handicapped children. They enjoyed hearing us and their enthusiasm was noisy. We were at first a little taken aback by their sheer volume but one of the sopranos asked us to sing quietly so we could hear them and let them join in. One boy starting howling, he had apparently not made a sound for the last two years. It was a Christmas concert and we felt that the angels had joined us. The same group of people in a concert hall would have been a different matter as the performer would have to start juggling the desires and enthusiasm of the one group with those of others in the audience and try not to get completely off track in the singing.