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Posted By: Mudjack
24-Sep-99 - 03:57 PM
Thread Name: Ethical Question - Handicapped Fans
Subject: RE: Ethical Question - Handicapped Fans
Yes Lamarca, tell him to turn around and listen to the music. If he's a special person with special needs, he'll likely do as he's told. Of courswe we're doing it at the chance of interupting the artist. Timing is real important for this one.
One of my worst nightmare was going monthly to a song circle where this lady blind person would show up. She never prepared any of her songs and would elaborate for 5 min hopw she was'nt ready to do this song but would try and do regardless. But worse than that she always showed up late and noisely interupted the song circle with her obtrusive entrance. She always relied on this very tolerant friend to pick her up and drive her to the song circle. One time at break I cornered her driver and suggested she try to pick her friend up a little early, she said she was there in plenty of time and had to wait on her to get ready. But something came out of it. She must have(I'm guessing) insisted on her being on time or she was'nt going to wait on her, it worked and the blind lady got over her intrusiveness and was a good song sharer. I can still look back on those times, when she arrived , everyone grabbed their instruments and cuddled them like a mother protects her babies.When she entered a room, it was like, "look out, here I come"