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Posted By: Llanfair
24-Sep-99 - 06:47 PM
Thread Name: Ethical Question - Handicapped Fans
Subject: RE: Ethical Question - Handicapped Fans
I'm glad you said that this happened a few years ago, because nowadays, the social worker would have been totally out of order. Group activities should be to benefit the members of the group and achieve acceptable goals....Discussion groups, creative groups, whatever. Activities involving ordinary venues, when the person has a disability that can attract undue attention should have individual support to ensure that everyone gets the most out of the experience. Did the people with disabilities want to be at a Davey concert? How did the worker plan on coping on his/her own if one person had needed the toilet or had a fit? This was obviously a badly planned "outing" and let's hope it doesn't happen like that any more.
The blind lady, and the starer need to have social skills explained to them. They obviously haven't picked up body language along the way, and need some education in how to behave, or just someone to TALK to them, you know, like real people. Hwyl, Bron. (who has been a social worker with people with learning disabilities for 25 years)