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Posted By: Ella who is Sooze
30-Apr-04 - 04:20 AM
Thread Name: HELP - Banjo Doesn't Work Properly
fanks Geoff the quack...

That link was too scary to look at. I think he's sorted the problem out, a friend has had a look at it, and it now plays fine... doesn't go out of tune. Don't know what he's done, but it involved new strings, and some tensioning. So he's sorted now...

Opened a whole lot of fings we didn't know about banjos though...

Harpmaker... sorry no pints owed I drank em all... don't do carpets, bare floors matey... much easier to clean... AND the instruments fine until he really gets going, no point in spending £500+ on the instrument we saw and really liked as he might never have got on with it. Fella is only just getting into music (well banjos that is) and there's no point in spending £500+ when it could have just sat in a cupboard... so don't worry. This one is easy to learn on now that it's been sorted!

Art... vodka and milk of mag - euchhhhhhh.... This is the first instrument that the cat has approved off. Fella started learning the whistle first, and she was biting him to make him stop. When he ignored her, she bit me to make him stop. Now he's learning the banjo she doesn't bite either of us, she's fairly happy about it.

BTW... when I play the whislte or flute she's absolutely fine, I think it's just beginner whistle players she objects too. So as long as she's not biting either of us the banjo stays.... perhaps I'll have to check her breath for vodka and milk of mag......

fank you all very much!