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Posted By: Abuwood
30-Apr-04 - 05:12 AM
Thread Name: Obit: Julie B (April 2004)
Subject: Lyr Add: POTCHEEN AND POTATOES (Julie Berrill)
Potcheen and Potatoes – Julie Berrill

Some folk never find it, and most are still looking,
Some find it often, but they're very few.
But now that I've found it my searching is over
Yes now I've found true love and I've found it with you.

Oh you tell me we'll live on potcheen and potatoes
And we'll have a cottage on Galway's fair shore
Well I know that you're crazy I know that you're dreaming
But while I'm in your arms I believe every word

Well I thought I'd known love and I thought I'd known lovers
But nothing had ever prepared me for this.
The sound of your voice and the way that you hold me,
The look in your eyes and the love in your kiss.


But we can't go out courting, we can't go out walking
And no one must ever see us on our own
But our precious love although it's a dear one
Must stay as a secret and we can never be known


Lead Break

Well I know that you love me I know you're sincere
And to love you a lifetime will now be my fate.
But you have a wife and you've two little children,
It's sad but it's true that I found you too late.


Just typed this in, a bit quickly but I think it's right
I have the CD and can copy if anyone would like it PM me.