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Posted By: Barry Finn
24-Sep-99 - 09:40 PM
Thread Name: Ethical Question - Handicapped Fans
Subject: Lyr Add: You Wouldn't Know It to Look at Me^^
Hi Rick, I do feel bad for Davey being in uncomfortable waters, BUT, I feel much more for them (the Blessed ones - very nice choice Mick) that saw his butt as he scorned them on his way out.:

Sometimes both my bad legs get sore & I just gotta sit & maybe rub them & cross & recross them, do you think Davey might've walked out on me because I couldn't walk out on him? Maybe my son wanted to come & catch him but he's a touretter, no outbursts because of med's but he'll still twitch, would that've been enough to get Davey in such a stir that he'd devastate my son by pointing (or singling out) out to everyone about his special difference. Granted, I probably now wouldn't go to see Davey knowing how distracted he'd be watching me fidget, I don't even think I'd place myself in the back, out of fear of what wrath Davey might bestow on me or mine. When we at work run upon an unforseen hicup, we get paid to deal with it & complete the tast not leave the building half finished by walking out. Davey had many directions to take, he choose the worst possible. He's a pro he should've acted like one. If this were to continue to happen & be dealt with in a like manner then we'd all be back in the last century locking them up in Bedlam. Mick, had one great solution, Art had another. My partner's daughter's sometimes comes to hear us. She asked a question of us while talking about some River songs being holy, "What's a Bible" most people laughed, she looks like everyone else. My partner just answered (heart broken) her just as he answered any of the other questions. Most people with special needs, sometimes CANNOT stop what they do without aids so they're life is people walking out on them & slamming the door in their face (good choice Harv). With a little understanding & tack, all can benifit. Give 'em this song to sing the next time he's in that situation.

You Wouldn't Know It To Look At Me (words;BarryFinn) (tune; Australian, Trad. "One Of The Has Beens")

"You're not listening to me are you deaf in both ears.
Don't you see what you've caused, have you been blind all these years.
Could you just give an answer, so I know you're not dumb.
For Christ's sake, you bird brain has a cat got your tongue"?


I'm as cute as any other kid,
I can run, jump & shout.
You wouldn't know it to look at me,
At times I can't work things out.
I'm not stupid, I'm not lazy, I try very hard.
With a little compassion I could go pretty far.

Well, school is a torture, the teasing won't quit.
My thoughts go off track and my aide has a fit.
There are some things I excel in, so much that I'm bored,
You wouldn't know it to look at me, it takes all that I'm worth.

The kids scorn & laugh at me, I don't have a friend.
You can feel my heart break, I wonder when this will end.
The mistreatment & abuse I take, it's really a crime,
But I'm told to ignore it, though it happens all of the time.


I know it's hard on my family, I can't change a thing.
The aunts & uncles blame it on my folks & say it's poor upbringing.
The love & affection others get all the time,
I only hear people yell at me, when I ask where is mine.

I never feel comfort, no shoulder, no hug.
A system to support me, was pulled out like a rug.
If you can't understand this, you may be worse off than me
But I won't hold it against you cause you're deaf & can't see.


I may be mildly autistic or just plain O.C.D.
I may twitch with Tourette's, or have A.D.D.
If you see me cross my eyes, instead of my T's
You wouldn't know it to look at me that I have special needs.


Copyright Barry Finn 1998