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Posted By: DonMeixner
25-Sep-99 - 12:40 AM
Thread Name: Ethical Question - Handicapped Fans
Subject: RE: Ethical Question - Handicapped Fans
Well I read the first dozen posts and skipped the rest. Not because I didn't want to read another of Catspaw's novels. Its just that once the fluff was scraped away either Davey was right, or he was wrong . We live in the age of tolerance at last. If not the age then perhaps the preamble to the age of tolerance. People with disabilities have the same rights that everyone else has. A equal chance. In America this chance is guarrantteed by truly ground breaking legislation called The Americans With Disabilities Act. This act is simplicity in its self. It states that all people have the same rights in the areas of transportation, Employment and public assembly. It doesn't, and shouldn't, diferentiate, between the age, ability, or mental capacity of the population. It simply levels the field. But with freedom comes responsibility. The responsibility of correct manners. The requirement that all people have the same right to a show that you have just paid for. Here in this age of tolerance we think nothing of singing past the crying baby to the Mom or Dad in whos arms this child may be. The parents, bless their hearts, almost always take the child out into the hall until little Frieda is asleep before they return. Everyone silently cheers the good sense of the parent and the concert is a success. In the case of the mentally disabled adult things are diferent. Because they are after all adults, merely of diminished capacity? They should know better? Maybe. But whether or not the disabled individual was autistic, Torette's over medicated or what ever, in the age of the mainstream that individual should be expected to behave. In appropriate actions should not be allowed because this person is disabled. To allow a person to interupt an evening of entertainment because they are disabled is a disservice to all involved. Especially the person with the disability. There needs to be consequences when socialization skills are being taught. Disabled or not you can't learn with out failure. By allowing one of a group be disruptive and get away with it the training of the other members of the group may well be compromised. In the matter of the case worker/social worker. They are not there for the concert. They are there to teach community living skills in a concert setting. Not get a free ticket to a show. They should have taken the offender(s) from the show before it became an issue. In the matter of Davey. he could have handled it better from a political stand point. But had he riveted a drunk or a heckler he would have been cheered by the same folks who wanted their money back. The notion of inclusion isn't a one way street. If you want inclusion for all, then you need to accept that the same consequences will aplly to all people evenly. (Mental capacity and the death sentence no withstanding) Thats the nature of the inclusion beast as is taught in the Human Service Not for Profit where I'm employeed. Expect to be treated fair not specially.