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Posted By: MMario
25-Sep-99 - 09:56 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Icy Acres (Colin Wilkie)
Subject: banks of greenland??
Okay - I've searched the forum and the DT under just about everything I can think of....but I cannot find this song. The wierd part is I thought I LEARNED it from the DT - about 3 years ago --right before the Xerox site went down.

Chorus: Fare ye well you icy acres Fare ye well you whaling ground Fare ye well you banks of greenland Weary Whalers homeward bound

the verses have stuff about grass, oaks, apples,meadows, water running to the sea....and somewhere in there "god forgot the green in Greenland, he made the flowers of the ice and snow...."

Anyone have all the words?