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03-May-04 - 11:00 AM
Thread Name: Spoonerisms in songs- Examples
Subject: RE: Spoonerism's in songs- Examples
As far as I can remember, it was one Sylvia Wright who invented the Mondegreen, after hearing the line in "The Bonnie Earl of Moray".

They have slain the Earl of Moray
And laid him on the green

which she thought was:

They have slain the Earl of Moray
And Lady Mondegreen

There are or were at least a couple of websites about Mondegreens; sorry I don't know the URLs, but you could try looking up "Mondegreen" on the Internet.

Strictly speaking a Spoonerism is where the first bits of adjacent or nearby words get tranposed, as in "Drink a Toast to the Dear Old Queen (Queer Old Dean)". A book I have called "The Dictionary of Common Fallacies" seems to imply that "Spoonerisms were not a recurrent feature of the speech of Reverend William Spooner" though as it gives several examples of spoonerisms, it may be tongue in cheek (or should that be Chung in Teak?). Whether true or not, I very much doubt if he was the first person in the English (or other) language to get bits of words transposed.