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Posted By: mooman
06-May-04 - 07:02 PM
Thread Name: Acoustic Amps, Tips on the best sounding
Subject: RE: Acoustic Amps, Tips on the best sounding
AER (German) and Ashdown (British) are both top notch but also top price. I personally do not care for the Marshall which is also heavy. The Peavey is good but (sorry WYSIWYG!) I'm not keen on the Crate. The Fender sounds nice but is big compared with the others. The Fishman Loudbox is new and seems good (and is very powerful). Ultrasound and the Strawberry Blond are also excellent and are Stateside-built.

Shoreline Acoustic Music in California seem to do good prices on the AER and Ultrasound and I often use them for stuff (even from Belgium) as they are knowledgeable, friendly and efficient.

After trying nearly everything, I personally opted for a pair of 65W Laney (British-built) LA65A acoustic amplifiers. Small, but not as small as the AER and Ashdown, excellent transparent sound and less than half the price of either of the aforementioned. The Laney has a good chorus and "passable" reverb (I use a Boss pedal if I need it) and decent equalization and will take a line in and a mic on separate channels simultaneously (as will the AER).

Laney website (go to products and then acoustic for details)

Hope this is of some use.