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Posted By: Wesley S
07-May-04 - 11:09 AM
Thread Name: Acoustic Amps, Tips on the best sounding
Subject: RE: Acoustic Amps, Tips on the best sounding
I've got the Crate with the digital effect and I think it's a darn good amp for the money. It's all I need. I like the Strawberry Blonde a little better but I really didn't want to spend the extra money for something I wasn't going to use that often.

This is a little off topic but we're going to using a new PA tonight that is just flat amazing. Made by Bose { no financial interest here } and they run around 2,000 for each stack. Clean sound and as hard as I tried I could NOT get these suckers to feed back. It was SO nice to hear everyone in the group - not just the guy standing next to you. And we set these up with the speakers behind us so there is no need for monitors. Here's a link - I hope it works.;jsessionid=Abj6lNXjYcBq7Thwg9ZFO2lU7NoYIX2ZltDDwlXCf8Tu40HVElRB!-1648024829?event=VIEW_STATIC_PAGE_EVENT&url=/musicians/index.jsp&linksource=centernav_img_musicians&pageName=/index_2.jsp