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Posted By: Tony Burns
27-Sep-99 - 01:04 PM
Thread Name: Ethical Question - Handicapped Fans
Subject: RE: Ethical Question-Handicapped Fans-Two
I think what Dick means is that there is a whole group of people in this situation that have not (to my knowledge, but I haven't followed this thread in detail) been discussed. That is the other members of the audience.

The situation as originally described said that some people asked for their money back because the concert didn't continue. I'll take a chance and suggest that some other people would have asked for a refund had the concert continued due to the fact that the interuptions spoiled the experience.

The thing that makes this situation difficult is that the interuption is not controlable by the interupter.

Let's take the situation of 'talkative' audience members. When I am also in the audience I am irritated because it bothers me. It makes no difference whether it bothers the performer or not.

When my mother was a child in Glasgow in the 30's they had children's matinees where the symphony orchestra performed. The conductor at that time would stop the entire orchestra if the audience wasn't quiet. I bet the adults those kids became never talk during a performance.