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Posted By: The Shambles
09-May-04 - 02:03 AM
Thread Name: 50th and last Sidmouth festival?
Subject: RE: 50th and last Sidmouth festival?
Personal comments will only result in lots of views saying 'xyz' is a villain and getting rich or is a saint and not getting rich. I don't see that this matters much as the truth will be somewhere in the middle and does not really matter very much anyway. It is the event and continuing the tradition, that matters.

However, PR does rather sound as if someone is hold a gun to somone's head, I just hope that it isn't being held to the heads of all the folk music fans who have supported this festival in all its many forms, for many years. I suspect that many would continue to do this, whatever the 'organisers' decide to do with the current 'monster' that has been created.

It would seem sensible for many of the local businesses who directly or indirectly benefit from the festival, to be prepared to contribute to enable the festival to continue in its current form. However, I would hope and expect there to be an annual gathering in Sidmouth, whatever the current custodians of this tradition decide to do. Most of the things that I like about Sidmouth and make it special, have very little to do with money. Long may this continue......Up to us to ensure that it does - not Mrs Casey, the Council or local business.