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Posted By: Strollin' Johnny
09-May-04 - 01:27 PM
Thread Name: Alaska finger picks
Subject: RE: Alaska finger picks
This one keeps coming up Cindy - I've tried every kind of finger pick and for me the Jim Dunlop standard plastic ones worked best. aLaska piks are no better or worse than any others and it seems a bit perverse to me to use a plastic pik that requires you to have a reasonable length of nail for it to work properly!

Best bet is to get down to your local beauty parlour and get the gel and silk overlays (or even fibreglass) - no pratting about with little tins, or dropping a pick on the floor and having it trodden on by some herbert carrying too many pint glasses for his own good and, best of all, you can't forget to take them with you! I have mine done once a month with the silk and gel and it costs about the same as a set of decent strings. Never broken one or had one come off in two years. Bargain!

Johnny :0)