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Posted By: fiddler
10-May-04 - 03:19 AM
Thread Name: 50th and last Sidmouth festival?
Subject: RE: 50th and last Sidmouth festival?
It's good 2 c you all like it!

It's sad 2 c the attitude to the organisation behind it!

It would not be there at all were it not for that organisation.
Harping back to the good old days with no showers - loos consisting of a large pit, not too many untested water points.

Take off the rose tinted glasses and be realistic!

In the good old days we din't have central heating in our houses - would we live like that now?
My Mothers kitchen units were a lino covered board on the bath -
would we live like that now?
It is so expoensive - look at the catering queues on the camp site at 0130 hrs each night!

Would we go to a one week festival (camp site open for 1.5 weeks) in such insanitary conditions.
Even small festivals often take out wet weather insurance, there is about a 1:10 risk that it will rain like fury over the Sidmouth week and what a mess it can make!

I will not argue the point any further - I think for what is on offer it is very good value for money and the fringe events really add to the atmosphere but I also agree entirely, a fringe does not work if there is no hair present!

It woould be sad to see it's demise