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Posted By: treewind
10-May-04 - 05:31 PM
Thread Name: 50th and last Sidmouth festival?
Subject: RE: 50th and last Sidmouth festival?
It probably won't be the last.
Threats like this have been made by everyone who has ever run it.
It's a wake-up call to the local businesses who benefit from it but don't support it.

At the same time, Steve Heap is always researching alternative locations, because he has to keep an eye on the options.

By the way a summary of the economics were posted on by Derek Schofield. In a nutshell:
* The festival costs £0.75 million to run
* The ticket sales make £ 0.5 million
* The rest comes from arena ticket sales.

In 1997 it rained all week and the festival nearly sunk, keeping running on a huge bank loan for the next three years.
Then there was good weather and Rolf Harris's arena shows paid back the debt. That's what brought in the locals and the holidaymakers from other resorts along the coast in sufficient numbers.

It's a risky business. No other festival is so affected financially by the weather, as nearly all the income for other festivals comes from tickets sold in advance.