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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
10-May-04 - 07:20 PM
Thread Name: 50th and last Sidmouth festival?
Subject: RE: 50th and last Sidmouth festival?
Could you post a link to that post from East Devon Council? I couldn't find it in the mass of replies to the initial post.

(One thing visiting the BBC message board reminded me was how much better desighned and organised the Mudcat is than this BBC facility.)

The basic problem, I suppose, is that the way we organise local finance in this country means that, while massive takings from the festival go to the local traders in the town, the council doesn't get any significant amount of that money to pay for the subsidy. So they cut it and are a little bit better off - but the town loses out, as well as the festival goers.

As Shambles says, the implication of the press release is that people who value the festival could try and apply pressure to save it. Seems very fair to me. Any suggestions as to how best to do that?   Here is a link to the Sidmouth Herald with contact details. Maybe lots of letters from all over wouldn't hurt any (especially from America sounding like millionaire tourusts)