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Posted By: AggieD
11-May-04 - 03:38 AM
Thread Name: 50th and last Sidmouth festival?
Subject: RE: 50th and last Sidmouth festival?
It does seem to be a great shame that the main problem is underwriting the festival, but there you are, no-one not even insurance companies these days want to take that risk, they might not make mega-bucks out of the deal.

This is the trouble with modern commercialism, but short of going back to the days when everyone rolled around either without washing properly for a week, or polluting the swimming pool, or even paying 1/3d for a loaf of bread, then we expect more for our money these days.

I still think the price of a ticket is excellent value, when you compare to going to the theatre, sporting events, or even one-off non folkie concerts. Where else can I be entertained from morning 'till very late at night for around £20 quid a day? We folkies moan about the lack of coverage of our music, then can't take it when we are faced with the big bad world of commercialism that now follows any large scale event.

I do agree that the local traders etc who obviously get great benefit out of the festival should be leaned on to help sponsor/underwrite, but let's be honest they probably rely on the income during the festival to keep their businesses going throughout the year. I know just how hard it is for smaller businesses to survive the competion from large traders, & UK hoteliers are certainly not raking in huge amounts of dosh.

Perhaps those people who go along for the ride & never contribute a single penny to the income of the festival should think a little more carefully about saying that the festival would continue, & think of giving some sort of time to the more commercial events, this would certainly help in a small way, rather than just passing the buck, letting someone else organise & hope for the best.