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Posted By: Nick
12-May-04 - 09:28 AM
Thread Name: Is Hull Folk Club Rubbish?
Subject: RE: Is Hull Folk Club Rubbish?
>>... it seems to be an empty room where people can come and perform ... no resident singers or musicians, no guest artists, nothing to attract an audience at all, apart from the small circle ... I think a folk club is more than that, sorry to be critical. Breezy seems to have the right idea, and Nick's session looks very inviting.

It was why I posted originally. Just because I believe there IS room for a range of different sorts of venue. I think we are probably a folk club in our pub but not a Folk-Club-with-capital-letters like Breezy's Folk Club or the Black Swan in York etc etc. We have no resident singers, no guest artists... just us. But one looks very inviting and one doesn't?

We are very happy as we are as we have no urge to be a major folk venue - it is not feasible and nor would any of us involved relish the work involved. There is no illusion that people SHOULD like it or come or support it, people come because they want to.

As I said in the 12 volume version above it is very doubtful that at least 50% of us here would have thought of going and performing at a Folk Club. Listen - yes, perform - no. So we have created something that very much satisfies our needs and that is probably why it works and keeps going. It is also part of the fun that some us have now started considering venturing out a little further and seeing if we could play outside of our cosy safe shell! (Not got far yet. Far too uncomfortable/shy at Guisborough but we may try on May 22 either at the folk day in the Black Swan in York or may even get to the Yorkshire gathering) It is a bonus that (rarely) people come and listen, but then it's not what it was set up for.

If you have a 'small circle of people' that's a good start. But if you want to create a Folk Club like the ones praised regularly in Mudcat I wish you luck - I would guess you are looking at a considerable expenditure of time and effort way out of line with anything I personally could envisage taking on.

But at 8.30 tonight in Farlington it will just be an empty room. And either it will be busy or not... *shrug*