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Posted By: Bobert
12-May-04 - 10:20 AM
Thread Name: BS: Iraqis Beheading Americans
Subject: RE: BS: Iraqis Beheading Americans

The ratio is based on reports of over 10,000 Iriqi deaths... These numbers have been reported by Pacifica, I've heard the numbers on C-Span. You read the newspapers and hear 58 Iraqis killed, 2 marines also killed. Over 30,000 bombs were dropped on Iraq during th invasion alone. This was reported in the Wsahington Post several months ago. Throw in the millions of rounds of tank, mortar, artillery and small arms rounds being fired at Iraqis in the last year, the 10,000 figure is probably way, way low. I mean, if I were the commander in chief and after all that fire power had been unleashed in a country the size of Oklahoma and my top general came to me me and said, "Well, Mr President, we got about 10,000 of them Iraqis.", we''.... I would have fired him. With that kind of money you could have privatized the invasion to the Mafia and have a much greated Iraqi body count.

So when you take the 700 Americans killed, the 20 to 1 figure is probably very conservative...There have also been reports from some of the same sources that I mentioned above that the civilian casualties are running at 90%... Now, as terrible 9/11 was to America, try to comprehend how the Iraqis really feel about the US invasion... And please spare us all the bogus polls that were taken. They are to any thinking person absolutely rediculous...