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Posted By: dianavan
12-May-04 - 11:55 PM
Thread Name: BS: Iraqis Beheading Americans
Subject: RE: BS: Iraqis Beheading Americans
Thank Goddess for the voices of courage, reason and compasion:

bobert - "...accomplices to lots and lots of murders, including that of Nicolas Berg..."

El Greko - always within reason

McGrath - "What we should never under any circumstances do is use the crimes and atrocities committed by one side as a justification for the crimes and atrocities of the other - in the way that the butchers of that poor young man have tried to do"

M. Ted - You got it!

Strollin Johnny: "Whatever the aims of Al Q'aeda are (and I for one am not absolutely clear on that because they seem to change as time goes by)..."

Maybe their aim is to confuse and deflect the attention of the general population with terror so that the attention of the general population is diverted from the loss of freedoms at home. Maybe they're highly trained mercenaries hired by Multi-National Corporations. Maybe the U.S. and Britain and Australia weren't "sucked in at all". Your guess is as good as mine.

and you said, "...they'll just find another set of 'aims', another 'cause', more 'demands' to justify their atrocities."

Who are you talking about?

Actually, ...if it weren't for Bush being so arrogant and wanting to "...go it alone..." coupled with the fact that he 'jumped the gun' and he's a liar to boot, I might agree with you. :^)

What I want to know is Al Q'aeda's version of the story. Was the victim being accused of a crime and was this a modern version of Iraqi justice by public execution, or was it an act of terrorism for the sake of Terrorism? For all I know, it was mercenaries acting in behalf of the Bush administration to deflect attention from the 'prisoner abuse' scandal.

Larry K is a good example of dualists who believe that the world can be neatly divided into little packages of good and evil. I guess that depends on which side you're on.

This threat is beginning to sound like a civil war. Is that what's really happening in America? I hope Guest and others are prepared to do battle with the Giant and move from words to action.

Lepus Rex - Thanks for being so "RIGHT ON" !!!!!

Gusest Gerhard - "...'Justice is specific and has a limit; revenge can be specific, but it is unlimited."

Thank you for that clarification.

Kim C - Thanks for starting this thread but you have to admit, doctors and teachers aren't in it for the money. Businessman are.

Thats right Mick, "...Better to figure out what the people that we supposedly went in to help, and then figure out how to give it to them."

As far as finding the guy who actually did the beheading; very doubtful. He's probably dead by now.

The propaganda is so heavy that you definitely need to be able to read between the lines. I wonder when the American public will tire of being manipulated and controlled? I'm sure that many good, Germans were caught in a similar web of deceit by their leader.