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Posted By: Wolfgang
13-May-04 - 04:51 AM
Thread Name: BS: Iraqis Beheading Americans
Subject: RE: BS: Iraqis Beheading Americans
Perhaps, it was quite the opposite. The video of Nick Berg was the real thing, but all the pictures showing American soldiers abusing and torturing Iraqi prisoners are fakes. They come very handy for Bin Laden's Al Qaeda at a time when the outrage about the Madrid carnage and about the bombings of Iraqi worshippers has not ended and his support in the Arab world was shrinking.

So he staged the abuse photos with the help of some paid US soldiers. His people in the American government, the Quislings who have been promised to get a big reward once his plan of Islamic world domination has succeded, leak some informations about the pictures being real in oder to dupe the senators, the public and the president (though maybe he is not duped here, but is in the scheme).

These pictures are a tremendous help to OBL, so we have to ask ourselves why are they published exactly at this time when they have been made months ago. I leave it to your guess who is profiteering from this.

Wolfgang (No, I don't mean what I have written; yes, I am serious about conspiracy theorising)