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Posted By: GUEST,Greg Willis
13-May-04 - 07:19 AM
Thread Name: Is Hull Folk Club Rubbish?
Subject: RE: Is Hull Folk Club Rubbish?
Trolls and flamers feed off the posts of those who attack them. There's an awful lot of troll food on this site, so you've only got yourselves to blame for their increasing numbers by providing a troll banquet. Don't feed them and they'll go elsewhere for sustenance.

I've noticed that John from Hull's posts seem to attract a lot of derogatory comments from 'GUESTS'. Some of you obviously know him personally, and are quick to come to the defence of a friend, which is admirable, but surely even you as his friends can see how some his posts are open to ridicule and so become a troll magnet. Anyone who starts a thread called 'Is Hull Folk Club Rubbish?' should realise they are not going to get entirely serious responces. A site that allows people to post as anonymous guests is open to abuse even more than most, so members just have to ignore trolls and flamers as much as possible, and accept that John's posts are likely to get many abusive 'GUEST' replies. I've also noticed that derisive comments directed at John from guests seem to upset John's friends much more than they upset John himself. Perhaps it's best left to John to reply to his critics. This way there would be a lot less trolling.