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Posted By: Mooh
16-May-04 - 01:33 PM
Thread Name: Revolutionary Pick Thinking
Subject: RE: Revolutionary Pick Thinking
You may be right about the upstroke but I simply don't experience it that way.

For every downstroke there has to be an upstroke and the discipline is in training each stroke to have an equal strength, agility, attack and dynamic. Wasting the upstroke is inefficient so I put it to use, though not as much as I'd like while fingerpicking (the thumb that is) but always while flatpicking. I found this easier with the thumbpick (I use the Fred Kelly Slick Pick these days but learned on Nationals and Dunlops) than with the bare thumb or thumbnail because the thumbpick can be made to have the same approach angle to the strings on either stroke. More rigid picks will twist on the thumb more readily as there's less give and flex, so I like the light FK Slick Picks.

The problem with attaching the flatpick to the index finger for me (and all of my more advanced students) is that it would limit my ability to use both flatpicking and fingerpicking styles as a hybrid or to quickly move back and forth between them. That's assuming one could even maintain the proper pick angle. Also, from watching myself and countless others, I know that many if not most players don't maintain the same angle of index finger to strings on any plane consistently.

It is important to acknowledge however that your solution might work for some players and might even have a niche market, particularly for players with limiting physical reasons. I have to say though that I would highly recommend against it for beginners.

Keep us in the loop, this is the most interesting pick discussion in a while.

Peace, Mooh.