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Posted By: Steve in Idaho
18-May-04 - 11:00 AM
Thread Name: Revolutionary Pick Thinking
Subject: RE: Revolutionary Pick Thinking
Very interesting. I think the thing about learning correct pick technique is the main item here. As a flat picker who is in process of learning to finger pick - well the inverse is true for me.

I learned early on that pick control is the key to making the sound I want come out of the insturment. I learned to turn the pick as I played to get varying sounds out of it. The pointy end (technical term for pointy end) makes a sharp staccato sound and is great for the lead notes on a fiddle tune, or any other lead for that matter, and the angle of attack is important to depth, duration, and tone.

The round edge is much better for chording as it tends to blend the sound from the strings. Using my middle finger I turn the pick to whatever angle that makes the sound I want from the instrument. Takes a while to learn but it can be done. And after a while it just comes naturally.

Now fingerpicking - I've yet to be able to use picks. They are the clumsiest things in the world and my abillity to tell where the heck they are in relationship to the strings drives me batty. So I just use my fingers and pick harder. Probably not the best way - but then again I'm a novice at it and have only a few songs that I really like it for.

Interesting concept you've ppresented. And I think the REAL key is to see it in your head first - then your fingers will begin to follow along.