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Posted By: YorkshireYankee
18-May-04 - 09:45 PM
Thread Name: Pete Seeger's 85th birthday
Subject: RE: Pete Seeger's 85th birthday
I've been lucky enough to see Pete in person a few times. The thing that struck me most about him is the almost magnetic attraction between him and young people; they are drawn to him and vice versa. During Vocal Week at Augusta 8-10 years ago, Kathy Fink (& Marcy Marxer?) arranged for him to speak during one of the "classes". Afterwards, he was surrounded by young people -- and I'd swear he was positively glowing!

I think a lot of people may get set in their ways as they get older, and may feel threatened by the new ideas that young people hold and/or represent. Pete, however, seems always open to new ideas and new ways of thinking -- more than open to them, he welcomes & encourages them! I think he sees young people as the future, and enjoys spending as much time with them as possible -- and, crucially -- not to tell them what he thinks, but to listen to what they think.

Also, one of the most inspiring things I've ever heard in my entire life: NPR once aired a recording of him speaking to the House Unamerican Activities committee... he gave them what for! This powerful committee had *SO* many people running scared, but he stood his ground and said to them -- in a voice wonderfully full of outrage and indignation -- "SHAME ON YOU!!" One of the most stirring, moving things I've *ever* heard.

if only there were more like him!

Sharon, amen to that!