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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
19-May-04 - 12:52 PM
Thread Name: BS: Hummingbirds
Subject: RE: BS: Hummingbirds
I took a good look at this bright neon-green and yellow guy to be sure I had a domesticated escaped one, because we have a colony of the larger Monk's Parakeets that live in the neighborhood to the north of us. They've colonized a couple of pecan trees and have built numerous nests the size of milk crates. The people in the house have feeder boxes hanging on their cyclone fence and it's a sea of green activity out there.

No songs, Blackcatter, but he did start chirping at us at the garden center and he hopped around between the food and water and side of the cage to investigate the retail countertop. The staff at the store had happily cleaned up a spare cage so Emily could take this little guy home on her lunch hour. Like me, they weren't responding because of the price of the bird, he wasn't particularly expensive (the pet store said they start at about $20) but because it was a happy occasion to have rescued and found a home for the bird. They keep several large birds in the shop, and had all been saddened a few weeks ago when a feral cat got in and reached through the cage bars to kill one of their parrots. My kids were understanding also--I told them that I didn't want us with a set up where if the cats accidentally killed the bird they'd be sad about the bird and mad at the cats.

It worked out well for all. And I will go get some seed and a feeder, because we really have enjoyed the regular bird activity and inviting them a little closer will be interesting.

No signs of hummers at the feeder yet, but I did plant some red flowers in the back last weekend, so I'll clean out the water this week and try again.