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Posted By: Michael K.
29-Sep-99 - 05:25 PM
Thread Name: fingerpickers, and flames!
Subject: RE: fingerpickers, and flames!
I was thinking (oops), that as a victim of some recent flaming on ''another forum'' which shall remain nameless (due to posting comments about my aversion to muting), it would be interesting, perhaps entertaining (for very few), (and definitely self indulgent) to create the ultimate and totally irreverant, sarcastic acoustic forum with a name something like ''Natural Born Guitar Killers'' or ''Two Old Farts - With Guitars.''

The object would be to have myself and another player (who can could be as opinionated as they want - any nominations for a co-host? ) flame everybody and everything we don't happen to agree with (sheer ignorance is bliss???)...while expounding on our own extremely narrow minded opinions of everything to do with acoustic guitars and guitar players, as the gospel truth according to US.

Perhaps we could even carry it over to a TV show and have PBS pick it up...(sort of like ''Two Fat Ladies" but with a real rustic decor.)

First show could feature us opening the show (with real expense vintage D-45s - on loan of course) while demonstrating a total and complete ineptitude of the instrument. (That'd get the elitists seething toute suite!)

We could take a Rick Fielding arrangement of something; get totally f--ked up on it within the first 8 bars; then have Rick come out as a guest and play it for us - 5 different ways till he finds the one HE likes; then cut to a commerical (say for Alaska Piks - ''they retain 100% of your grip, while you are gouging out the eyeballs of a host from a competing forum - and afterall you gots ta be BLIND to really play and interpret the blues and Alaska Piks can help''); then back to the show where we destroy the first 8 bars of a Chet arrangement and then have Chet come and play it for us, all the while compaining that he doesn't understand why he writes stuff that he can't even play; with the signoff tune on the show performed by moi, perhaps ''Amazing Grace" with the strings muted so tightly hardly any sound comes out - just enough of the melody that you think it might be Amazing Grace - but you have another drink to be sure....and of course to those of you at home watching the show - the more you drink the better we will sound!

Am I onto something? ...or should I just start cutting the Prozacs in half? (grin)