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Posted By: Bobert
21-May-04 - 10:25 PM
Thread Name: BS: Cicadas - they're heeeeere!
Subject: RE: BS: Cicadas - they're heeeeere!
Shoot, Iz been eatin'dem critters fir the las week... Tastes like chicken! Not... They is everywhere here in the Wes Ginny panhandle. I started a "cicada omlette" thread but I reckon it done fell off, jus' like their little carcuses are gonna do in about 3 weeks and they'll be thousands of 'em evrywhere you walk... Crunch, crunch...

Hey, what I don't unnerstand is this. Why? I mean I gotta a lottta respect for the Big Guy but cicadas? Come on, Godster... Let me see if I got this one right there, Big Feller. You go and create these critters who only have a three week shelf life every 17 years? I mean, all they do is come out of the ground every 17 years, climb to the tops of trees, lay eggs, make a bunch of noise, and in less than a month they're all dead and littering the roads like confetti? Hmmmm? Now, I gotta a lot of respect fir most of yer danged creations there, God, but this one has me shakin' my head... Well, don't feel bad. We all have those kinda days...