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Posted By: Songsmith
22-May-04 - 02:34 AM
Thread Name: Scottish Emigrant Songs
Subject: Lyr Add: TOUCH NOT THE CAT

Father dear Father.
It's your only son.
Who ran to the army.
For adventure and fun.
Fighting yanks for King George.
In a battle not won.
So he gave us land north, Nova Scotia.

Now my land I have cleared it.
I've built me a home.
I have pulled root and burnt stump.
Pulled out many a stone.
And at the end of each day.
I hear Father to Son.
Touch not the cat but a glove.

When the moon rises up on the water.
That's when I'm thinking of you.
For it lights up the bay.
To my home far away.
Dear old Scotland, the highlands and you.

Oh Mother dear Mother.
You can hear me I pray.
I have married a young lass.
From New England way.
And she's born us three children.
Yes I've named them true.
One for Father, myself and for you.

Oh my Marion loves me.
and I love her true.
We work hard together.
do the best for our brood.
And she loves 'em and scrubs 'em.
I know you'd approve.
She's the salt of the earth just like you.

Repeat Chrs..

High on a hilltop.
Over looking the bay.
Young william MacIntosh.
Kneels there to pray.
For he longs for his homeland.
His parents his friends.
But he knows he'll not see them again.

Final Chrs..
And the moon rises up on the water.
A scar burns deep in his soul.
Many lives has the cat.
Much beauty much love.
But touch not the cat but a glove.


From his CD "Life around the Bay"