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Posted By: DownEast Bob
29-Sep-99 - 09:10 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Talking Nothin' Blues
Yes, Bill, there was more. With the help of what you posted, plus my own memory, plus a little add-versing of my own, I came up with:

Last night I looked upon the stair.
I saw nothin'. Nothin' was there.
From my front porch to the top of the wall,
There was lot's of nothin', nothin' at all....
    A pree-ponderance of vacancy.

There's a man in town, he's goin' around,
Spreadin' lots of nothin' all over the ground.
I heard some passin' people say,
"All that nothin' gets in the way....
    There oughta be a law."

My wife said, "Honey, don't you know,
Nothin' makes my flowers grow."
So I figured I better lay in a supply
And I went downtown, some nothin' to buy.
    Took along an empty...

The man in the store, he smile an' say,
"We got plenty o' nothin'; nothin' today.
Boxes, bottles, cans, and jars,
Semi-trailers and big boxcars,...
    All vacuum-packed.

He says, "How do you want it? Large or small?
Fat or slender? Short or tall?"
I says, "Gimme a slightly rounded pile,
Empty as a politician's smile...
    Full of hot air....
    Wrap it up as a gift."

Well, this song was written with nothin' in mind,
Nothin' at all of any kind,
Nothin' at all in any degree,
Nothin' to it that I can see,...
    It just grew...
    Out of a poverty of intellect.