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Posted By: Hrothgar
24-May-04 - 06:04 AM
Thread Name: Lyr ADD: Overlanders
Subject: Lyr Add: THE OVERLANDER (trad. Australia)
The Overlander

When I went out exploring, I took up a fine new run,
And then came back to Sydney and ha some jolly fun;
Then I wanted stock for Queensland, to Kempsey I did wander,
And bought a thousand cattle there, and then turned overlander.

So pass the billy round, boys, don't let the pint pot stand there,
For tonight we'll drink the health of every overlander.

When the cattle were all mustered and the outfit ready to start,
I saw the boys all mounted, with their swags all in the cart,
All sorts of men I had, from German, France and Flanders
Lawyers, doctors, good and bad, in my mob of overlanders.

From the road I then fed out where the grass was green and young
When a squatter with a curse and shout told me to move along,
Says I "Come draw it mild, don't you raise my dander
"For I'm a regular knowing child - a Victorian overlander.""

He swore he'd pound ny cattle - but I bullied him that time
They very seldom saw me out, and they never got the fine.
They think we live on poor beef, but no, I'm not a gander
When a straggler joined the mob - "He'll do" says the overlander.

If our horses get done up, why of course we turn them free.
And then a cove won't walk, you know, if a sweater he can see.
Stray workers too, we bone, and I say it is no slander
To say there's many a clever trick done by an overlander.

I would scorn to prig a shirt, that all my mates can say,
But if we pass a township upon a washing day
The dirty brats of kids would shout, and quickly raise my dander
Crying "Mammy, quick, take in your clothes, here comes an overlander."

In town we drain the wine cup, and go to see the play,
We never think of being hard up,but how to spend the day,
We steer up to the girls that rig themselves with grandeur,
And while they sweat our cheques, they swear they love the overlander.

From "The Overlander Song Book" Ron Edwards (collector and editor), The Rams Skull Press, Holloways Beach, Second edition 1969. National Library of Australia Registry No, AUS 69-2332

The versions of this that I have heard sung have some differences.