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Posted By: Roger the skiffler
30-Sep-99 - 10:51 AM
Thread Name: Mudcat Tavern -episode 13 The Party
Subject: RE: Mudcat Tavern -episode 13 The Party
Thread creep warning (in the Tavern?). While on my recent sojourn on Samos it was St Stavros day so everyone called Stavros had a nameday. We were on a beach with a Dutch family who had two young children and had got to know a local fisherman who was called Stavros. When his boat beached, the parents pushed the children forward and they went up to the boat and sang "Happy Birthday" in English! Slightly surreal mix but it worked! Stavros much touched, free fish for the family, who shared a lager or two with the fisherman (not the children of course!).
Any way, party on guys!
The conga line starts over by the jello pit, pass me one of those flamingo legs, love the coating, not Col Sa**ers, more Col Parker- King Creole sauce with added sequins, guitar-pickin' good, very more-ish (Scotty Moore-ish).
Now I've got the verses, anyone want to hear me do "Last Train to San Fernando"?
You do?
Oh, you want me to take it not sing it.
Well it was worth a try, I'll add my kazoo accompanyment if Wolfgang will sing it with Bert & Steve P.