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Posted By: Q (Frank Staplin)
25-May-04 - 10:37 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Pretty Little Pink
Subject: RE: lyrics required, Pretty Little Pink
This is the text B of Randolph, # 793, "Careless Love." Is the first verse the only one, just searching for more verses?

Come my little pink and tell me what you think,
You're a long time making up your mind,
I truly understand that you love another man,
And folks tell me that your heart ain't mine.

I don't like to work, but I love to keep time
I do love to hear the dinner horn blow,
But I feel like I got no home.

Hand me down my suitcase and all my dirty clothes,
I'm a-going away for to stay,
And if she comes to see me while I'm gone
Just tell her I'm a-sleeping in the clay.

One white shirt is all I got,
One dollar is all I crave,
I didn't bring nothing to this here world,
And I won't take nothing to my grave.

Lance Howard, MO, 1923, Randolph, vol. 4, reprint p. 307.

The verse was used by Jean Ritchie as a chorus to "Over the River to Feed My Sheep." Posted Apr. 22, 2001 by Harpgirl, in thread 10474: Over the River .

My pretty Little Pink, I once did think
I never could do without you
Since I lost all hopes of you
I care very little about you.

Turtle Old Man posted the verse in thread 32248, in "Black Is the Color...?", 05-Aug-02, sung by Dellie Norton, NC, in the song on a cd in the set, "Far on the Mountains." Black is the color
(See "Black Is the Colour (2) in the DT for the song without this verse, as collected by Sharp).

My pretty little pink, so fare you well,
You've slighted me but i wish you well,
If never on earth I no more see,
I cain't slight you like you've slighted me.