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Posted By: DaveA
26-May-04 - 01:03 AM
Thread Name: Seeger's swan song?
Subject: RE: Seeger's swan song?
I think Deckman hit the nail on the head - it is a dilemma for everyone. The thought of Pete as a stumbling travesty of his old self is tragic, but who among us who have heard him gather up an audience & get them singing would not like to hear it happen just one more time.

I feel we owe it to Pete to let him decide how & when he wishes to put the banjo down - and to support & applaud whatever decision he reaches. He really has earned the right to do what HE wishes.

And three pertinent thoughts from very diverse people on reaching very senior years:
1/ Charles de Gaulle
      "Old age makes shipwrecks of us all"
2/ anon
      "Its not how well the bear dances, its that it dances at all"
3/ J.R.R.Tolkien
      "He was granted the grace to go at a time of his own choosing"

God Bless You Pete

The world is a better place for you having lived.