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Posted By: Franz S.
26-May-04 - 11:16 AM
Thread Name: Seeger's swan song?
Subject: RE: Seeger's swan song?
I've attended close to two dozen of his concerts, from 1955 to 2001. I'm sure that as long as he is physically able he'll continue to show up for the good causes,and as long as he's able he'll strum his longneck banjo and 12-string. He'll never be a travesty of himself because he has never been primarily a performer. He's been a believer and a participator in almost all of the great causes of the last 65 years. (Think about that!) I've never gone to a "performance" of his to listen to the music, but always to help make it. I think most of his fans feel the same.   He's kind of like the family's favorite uncle. He said at the SOA demo a few years ago that his voice was gone and we'd have to sing for him. We did.