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Posted By: Sorcha
26-May-04 - 01:36 PM
Thread Name: Sorch is Home!
Subject: Sorch is Home!
Well, friends, you are all shut of me for a year at least. I want to say THANK YOU ALL VERY VERY MUCH for the things all of you did for me. For food, transport, money, putting up with my foibles, disrupting your lives and schedules....etc etc etc. I apologize for any inconviencies/problems I time I'll know more and be more able to be on my own.

Everything was sooooo glorious and wonderful that I just don't know where to start. If I name names I know I will leave someone out, so just know that I truly enjoyed myself.Visa Card enjoyed me too. It's good to be home and the dogs, husband and kids all went crazy. There was a crash on the motorway on the way out of Denver (half a double wide mobile home--no one hurt but the 'half' is a total loss) so we were until 1 AM getting here. By then, I'd been up almost 25 hrs and Brian over 26....we crashed and burnt. Kate is making fun of my 'accent'...I'll try to ditch it as soon as possible.

Lots to do still, but I am unpacked and semi sorted. Been to the grocery store (to get cat food!!) and the house isn't bad at all. So far (almost noon here) no jet lag to speak of. I had to have a beer at "5 PM" tho even if it WAS only 10 AM here, LOL! More later...stuff to do.