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Thread Name: Mudcat Tavern -episode 13 The Party
Subject: RE: Mudcat Tavern -episode 13 The Party
For Alice:

hope this makes you feel better not worse....

Once there was a Rogue, a Scoundral, and Scalawag;
Who by Dint of Great Effort, Much Luck, and No small Amount of Skill, Did become a Master Knight. And in the Due course of Time, He did find Himself Betrothed to the Daughter of a Wealthy and Influential Lord.

Now the Daughter, Being her Father's Favorite, Had long dreamed of a Marriage of her own choice, Not for Gold, Not for Influence, But a Marriage of the Heart; and for Love.

And the Lady did Refuse the Betrothal, as She did Not believe the Knight's Protestations of Love; Having Heard of His Reputation amongst the Ladies of the Court,...and their Maids,...and the Kitchen Wenches,... and the Washer Wenches,... and the Milk Maids,... and the Goose Girls,... and ye see the general drift of things, now do ye not?

But her Father did Insist upon the Marriage, and though the Lady did Beg, and Plead, and did Cry most Piteously, her Father would Not release her from the Bethrothal. So the Lady had caused to be Cast about the Knight an Enchanted Circle, imprisoning Him Within.

Now it was that the Circle could only be Broken in Two Ways. Th Knight could Renounce any Claims upon the Lady or Her Hand in Marriage, forever;

Or, He could state his Love for Her in Such a Manner that She would Truly Believe Him.

Now the Knight thought long and hard Upon his answer, for though his Reputation may have been a WEE bit exagerrated, it Was Well Deserved. And if the Truth be Told; When he had Entered into theBetrothal, He had thought much about the Gold and Lands he would be receive and the Influence that the Ladies Father would be Granting him at Court, And Very Little upon the Lady Herself.

But as he Pondered, the Knight did Find within his Breast a Desire for that Which the Lady did Desire; a Marriage of the Heart, and For Love.

This then, was the Knight's Reply:

Whither thou Goeth, I'll go.
And Whither thou stayeth, I'll stay.
I''ll be Your Partner Forever, if only You'll say I may.

Put your Hand in my Hand, Dear.
Walk by my Side, My Love!
We were Meant for Each Other,
just as the Hand fits the Glove.

Would that I wake to your Beauty,
at the Dawn of each Day.
And I would praise God each Evening,
if I were Permitted to Say:

Whither thou goeth I'll go.
And whither thou stayeth I'll stay.
I'll be your True Love forever, if only You'll say I may.

With this Ring I would Wed thee,
With your Ring make me thine.
But two Metal Bands, about Our hands, are but the Outward Sign.
The Flame of Love we have Kindled, May it always Shine!
May we always See its Light, in each Others Eyes!

Whither thou goeth I'll go.
And Whither thou stayeth I'll stay.
Side by Side, forever, if only You'll say I May.

Let us grow Olde together,
United through thick and through thin.
Two made One, forever, Surrounded by Kindred and Kin!
I will pledge You my Love, Dear;
If You will pledge yours Mine.
All I have, and All I am, are Yours for All of Time!

Whither thou goeth I'll go.
And whither thou stayeth I'll stay.
I will be faithful forever, if only You'll say I May.

Yes I will be Faithful Forever, If Only You'll Say I May!

*pause* So I ask you? Did she believe him or no?