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Posted By: alanabit
27-May-04 - 12:12 PM
Thread Name: Guitarist with buggered finger
Subject: Guitarist with buggered finger
I wonder if there are any guitarist/medics who can give me a bit of advice? I dislocated a finger about ten weeks ago and put it straight back in. An X-ray the following day confirmed it was not broken. The bad news is that it swoll up to the size of my thumb and I still can't straighten it. Worse still from a guitarist's point of view, is that although the swollen joint bends, the last one of the finger doesn't - effectively rendering it useless for guitar playing. My doctor sent me to a specialist and after a further week's delay I went to the appointment on Tuesday. He did not have time to see me. I have been put back another ten days until next Friday. I was not even able to get any advice. It is almost certainly a ligament problem - and I know that they always take far longer to clear up than breaks. What I want to ask is should I be resting it completely, or should I be trying to exercise it as much as possible to try and get movement back? I am a bit worried, because if it does not show some improvement soon, it looks as if my guitar playing days will be over.