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Posted By: Deckman
27-May-04 - 07:48 PM
Thread Name: Seeger's swan song?
Subject: RE: Seeger's swan song?
"Wee little drummer" just made a comment that reminded me of something I saw happen at what was apparently Burl Ive's last public concert. I was very pleased to be in the audience. Burl had been at death's door, and this was a fund raising and "thank you" concert for the local hospital, in Annacourtis, Washington. He felt that this very small hospital had saved his life and he wanted to do something for them.

He was still quite weak. When the curtain opened, he was already on stage and seated, ready to go. He gave a strong, hour long concert, his voice was strong and he was a delight to behold and hear.

As he tired, he did start to forget some words (I started forgetting words when I was 13) but he had planned for that. He had a close friend sitting in the front row who acted as a "prompter." The first time it happened, we all were a little startled, but we quickly realized what was happenning and we were all quite pleased. And, it was obvious that Burl was also pleased that he could get through his concert this way.

Does this apply to Pete? Who knows. Only Pete can make that decision. CHEERS, Bob(deckman)Nelson