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Posted By: jon a
30-Sep-99 - 07:44 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat Tavern -episode 13 The Party
Subject: RE: Mudcat Tavern -episode 13 The Party
Shotgun barrel appears around the corner, followed by large,long haired and bearded individual who appears to be clothed in a destroyed straight jacket;

Is he here?... Gint, where is he?.... Not here? good it's safe to stay a while and try one of these Frozen mudkitty things,

Max,I'm with Ferret, and it's got him so choked up he managed not to misspell anything in that last posting!

Alice, so sorry to hear of your news, have a drink or two and feel the warmth of mudcat, and if you need a cuddle I can recommend cats, a quick stroke can take some of the sting out of a lot of sorrow.

I'll join with the toast to mudcat, a great place with great people, Cheers everyone.