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Posted By: Once Famous
30-May-04 - 12:44 PM
Thread Name: BS: Iraqis Beheading Americans
Subject: RE: BS: Iraqis Beheading Americans
Serious discussion, yeah right.

Georgiansilver, some views, to use an old cliche, people are entitled to. You are right to a degree, I don't take a lot of what goes on here seriously, just a lot of egos who have very little impact on anything that are way too busy being serious about subjects that they pretend to have all the answers for. You included. I hang out down here below the line when the music topics get to slow or are way too top heavy with or about navel gazing/picking singer songwriters insread of areas of folk music that I am interested in.

I don't know about you, but I'm having fun.

I in turn, reserve the right to my view, that those views border on extreme bullshit.

Guest, guest, it's Berg, not Burg. How typical.