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Posted By: Sorcha
30-May-04 - 03:40 PM
Thread Name: Sorch is Home!
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
jOhn, that would be because they sold a lot of bears or because I was so amusing to watch? LOL!

Very very wonderful to meet you all, but I'm never staying away from home for 6 weeks again. 3 weeks would be just about right.

Stuff I miss about England (other than people and critters):

Toilets that FLUSH!!        
Asian food on the menus
Beautiful country drives and gardens
Real ale and pubs
Places to actually walk to….instead of just walking
Real cheese in great varieties everywhere
Specialty shops, esp. the bakeries
The folk music in so many venues all the time
Pagan stuff and people everywhere
Fantastic clothes (ethnic) to buy
Children being allowed in pubs
Availability of ethnic foods in supermarkets
Sea beaches and neat rocks (I loved the wonderful rocks on the North Sea beach at

Stuff I missed while in England (other than people and critters):

Showers with water pressure
Being able to drive myself—very glad I didn't plan to try!!
Cheap fags
Electric clothes dryers
Free coffee refills in most places

Stuff I shall NOT miss about England:

Weak showers
London traffic and London in general…..(grin, not the Catters, just the place)
Drying racks and weird washing machines
Price of petrol
Prices in general (the dollar is losing ground rapidly; it was L = $1.50 when I left home
        Now it's L = $1.84)
Roundabouts (those things are just plain weird!)
I know there will be more on each list later

Hmmm…..list #1 is the longest. Perhaps I should move, *BG*
Later I'll post a Marion style narrative. Still working on it. Probably post it in bits. Watch this space.