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Next Installment:
(I know it's long but the last story is worth it)

West Country:
        (Note—Leadfingers and I did the West Country before Khatt and I went walkabout in Central London)
Stonehenge, Avebury
        Didn't pay to get into Stonehenge but I did see it. Picked up a couple rocks from outside the fence. Why the yobs want to vandalize places like this is beyond me. Avebury is an amazing little place. The stone circle is so big you can't really take it all in. This tiny little village is beautiful and maintains:
St. James Church in Avebury
        Quite a beautiful church….(another bloody church although I hadn't got to that point yet)
Glastonbury and environs
        This poor pilgrim chickened out and only made it ¾ of the way up the Tor. I am afraid of heights and the wind was blowing like no tomorrow. Yes, it always blows on the Tor, but this was miserable. I already had rocks in my pockets (really!) and the fear of heights kicked in and I was afraid I was going to get blown off. Leadfingers had already had his hat blown off and went galumphing across the side of the hill. I had visions of him going……bump bump bumb down the side….I didn't see any of the weird phenomena associated with the Tor. Wish I had. Met a cute Airedale puppy on our way up. Told her mum she had to pay toll. Weird look….I giggled and said, Pet your dog. I did, dog petted me, petted Terry (well, jumped on us actually. Puppies have NO manners) and we all went on our merry way.
Chalice Well Gardens
        This is THE MOST PEACEFUL BEAUTIFUL PLACE I've ever been. I don't even have words to describe it. So calming and healing. Unfortunately the weather was a tad nasty (misty and cold) the day we were there or we would have stayed longer. Also, we still had to have a go at the Tor. There is a website with a virtual tour….almost as good as being there. You all should go here if you ever have a chance. Site is much much older than Christianity.
Glastonbury Abbey
        I really enjoyed our self guided walking tour here. Again, quiet and peaceful, at least until we were leaving. Just as we were leaving a teen age school tour came in….they ain't got no respect. Glad they weren't yammering while we were there. Saw King Arthur and Guenivere's 'grave sites'. (I know, I know, but I prefer the legend to the reality) Nice herb garden too.
Peter and Angela's Barn
        These are the parents of Leadfingers mate Tony. The house is 'new' (1850-ish) but the barn is 12th century Norman. Wunnerful, wunnerful barn. Thatch and the whole bit. Angela also found a tile exactly like those at the Abbey when digging a hole to plant something in her garden.
St. Andrews Church
1,700 yr old yew tree
        Ancient pagan site…church has a yew tree in front and back with a stone circle surrounding it. Quite a nice little church. No, I was not yet to the 'nother bloody church' stage. I took a pic on film of the hollow heart of the tree. Hope it comes out well. Walking on the bones of thousands of people is a bit strange but Tony assured me they were all friendly.
Up and over the spine…..gorse and heather galore. I wanted to stop here and get some gorse but no place to pull over. I finally did get some later. Weird stuff, gorse. Sort of like sage brush but with prickles. You got it, you can't get rid of it and you can't do a bloody thing with it. At least the deer will eat sagebrush in a pinch.
Lynton—life boat rescue
        What an incredible story of courage and perseverance. Ship foundered at sea. Waves to high to launch lifeboat so the men carried it for 14 hrs? up and over the spine, back into the sea and saved the crew. Wow. Neat village. I would go there again. Did not take the tram to Lynmouth.
        THIS is where you break in out of shape tourists. Oh, the stairs…the wind and the sea spray. I was determined to make it though. See the legendary birthplace of Arthur's conception and birth. If all those blue haired people can do it, so can I! I told Leadfingers that if I fell off just throw down a shovel and a coffin. The sea would do the rest. Of course, the town is a great big Tourist Trap but I expected that. We did not do the Victorian Folly called Arthur's Hall. It was closed and expensive besides. Then on to
Boscastle (Witchcraft museum)
        OK, listen up here. This is the best story of the trip and too good to keep mum about. We arrived in Boscastle and Terry met his mate Graham whom he hadn't seen for about 3 years. They were yakking so I went outside to smoke. Wanted a short walk. You can't get lost in Boscastle. The footpath is on the other side of the bridge from where I was and leads to a crag but I wanted to go down to the harbour. YES, I did see the sign that said---NOT a footpath. Area is awash at high tide. I looked. Tide was a looooong ways out so I started walking down the boat ramp. I was about halfway down to the water, checked tide again….still seems OK. Then my downfall. About 3' in front of me I saw a lovely canon bone from a (probably) cow quite nicely washed by the sea. I wanted it. I walked down and bent over to pick it up…….uh oh. Water around my feet. Grabbed bone and hurried back up cobblestone boat ramp covered with loose rocks from the sea. Water up to my ankles…..turned me foot on a loose stone…stumbled and just then the comber broke at the back of my knees. Knocked me down….so there I am with the North Atlantic tide coming in at high speed thinking…."Oh shit oh shitohshit" (Hey, we Wyomingites don't know about hard and fast tides). I was soaked to the waist but managed to get stood up before I was washed out to sea and really really didn't want to go back to Grahams house. Talk about embarrassed. I took my shoes off outside and staggered up the steps. Leadfingers says to me…….."WOT THE BLOODY FECKING ELL DID YOU FIND TO FALL INTO?"    "THE BLOODY FECKING ATLANTIC…WHAT THE FECK ELSE IS THERE TO FALL INTO?"…….LOL LOL LOL But, I admit I was very lucky. Proof that I am NOT to be let out alone. Saved the bone and the wallet with passport. Thank the gods I didn't have a camera with me.
Next edition…..South Wales. Stay tuned.