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Posted By: Sorcha
30-May-04 - 05:16 PM
Thread Name: Sorch is Home!
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
Cardiff Session and Caermathen
Crossed the Severn estuary bridge at low tide….interesting. After my experience in the Atlantic, Terry told me NO WAY was he taking me to ever see the Severn bore…..LOL
        Leadfingers and I met sian, west wales at the Conway Pub for a few. Nigel, Splottman and (who else), a couple non Cat friends of Sians. Apparently Gareth was there but we missed him. No idea why. No session. Then we were informed that the session had moved to a different pub so we went there. The Canton? Arrived in time to play a few tunes and exit stage left. Nice session. We drove about an hour out to Caermathen to sleep at Sian's house. Had brekkie and headed back to London by way of:
Castle Coch (Victorian folly)
Now, this is funny. It's a small Medieval Bavarian style castle between Caermathen and Cardiff. Well worth the price of admission. The man had more money than sense. Built the castle with a wonderful banqueting hall, but no guest rooms….wonder where he expected all his banquet guests to sleep. In pavilions on the grounds possibly? Probably a web site for it but I haven't looked yet. Short detour to:
Greater Torrington, Devonshire
        I wanted to stop here because I'm from Torrington, Wyoming. (You all knew that, right) The Mayor was out for the day but I met one of her assistants and the receptionist at the Info Centre. Passed out a pheasant pin for the Mayor and collected all kinds of Greater Torrington pamphlets for our Mayor. This could be where I lost the sack of pins…..I don't know! I just know I lost them. I have pics of there, and will get pics of our Mayor receiving his Greater Torrington stuff. This is known as the Cavalier Town but we didn't have time to do the Tour. I gave them a great idea with my pheasant pins….they want to get little Cavalier pins to sell in the shop area. On the road again to
Windsor Castle
        Again, we didn't really stop. Traffic was horrid, no parking places but Terry did double park so I could take some pics of the outside. Back into London where Leadfingers turned me over to Khatt with the caveat……I am delivering her back to you safe and sound. I wish you joy of her.

I know I have missed things and I had the best intentions of keeping a trip diary but I just got too busy, too drunk and too lazy to do it. If Leadfingers (or others) think of important things I missed feel free to add them)
Next Installment…Hastings for Beltaine. I know this is long, but 6 weeks is a long time. We are only up to the end of week 1. Shall I stop?