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Posted By: Don Firth
31-May-04 - 02:06 PM
Thread Name: BS: Iraqi women and the Koran
Subject: RE: BS: Iraqi women and the Koran
So, whatever your real name is, Martin Gibson is not a real person, is that it?

It's my contention that the vast majority of people are fine, decent folks with good instincts, and are generally kind and benevolent. For the most part, what you see is pretty much what they are. I don't believe that most people actually want to be offensive to others, and if they find they have inadvertently offended someone or been rude to them, they are often overwhelmed with a sense of shame and remorse, and go to great lengths to try to make amends.

But of course, one can never be sure. There are those whose character (or lack thereof) is such that the only thing that keeps them from being outright barbarians and obvious sociopaths is social pressure and fear of reprisals. They know that if they follow their more savage inclinations, they will be shunned by other members of the community, including their own families, and find themselves outcasts.   So it's fear of the consequences that keeps them from revealing their true character.

However, in a situation where such a person can remain anonymous, often that's where their true nature comes out. Without fear of repercussions and reprisals, they throw off the social constraints they find so confining and act in a manner that reveals how coarse, crude, and brute-like they really are. This kind of person is almost invariably a bully, and he does his bullying only when he thinks he can get away with it. He has a cruel streak, but fundamentally, he's a coward.

Some of us post under our own names (as I do), willing to accept full responsibility for what we post. Others use a consistent "handle," but often don't go to any great pains to hide their true names, and they, too, are willing to own what they post. There are those who post as "GUEST." These folks, more often than not, are either newcomers or only occasional visitors and are perfectly benevolent. There are others, however, including a few who do use a consistent handle but reveal very little of themselves, who are anything but benevolent. Trolls and disruptors. Remaining anonymous, they feel safe in letting their true nature ooze forth.

All of which is by way of preamble. Martin Gibson, if the family and friends you speak of knew the real nature of your character, the side of yourself that you have revealed here, you life would undoubtedly not be anywhere near as pleasant as you claim it is. And if the temple where you observe the Sabbath knew what kind of a pig you truly are, they would first purify the place, and then bar you from ever entering again.

Don Firth

P.S:   I wear my age with pride. I've accomplished things in my life and I continue to do so. What are you doing with yours?