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Posted By: dianavan
01-Jun-04 - 01:47 AM
Thread Name: BS: Iraqi women and the Koran
Subject: RE: BS: Iraqi women and the Koran
DougR - I said, "Of course I fear the control of the Taliban but I'm not sure how or if the American idea of democracy in Iraq will or will not effect the customs."

I also said, "... and yes, I fear the Taliban and other radical fundamentalists."

...and, "Yes, I know that democracy must come from the people and cannot be imposed. Thats why it is so shortsighted of the U.S. govt. to think they can liberate Iraq. What happens to the culture? What will it mean for women? I'm sure the religious leaders will still be in place."

...and, "So regardless of who is in power in Iraq, the muslim faith will still be guided by the local religious leader. And irrespective of what the Koran says, women's rights will be dictated by the religious leaders."

also - "As to the veil - there are plenty of middle-eastern countries where women are not veiled. It depends a great deal on the religious leaders of the country and the political will to provide education to all."

So - It doesn't matter if the U.S. or any other country uses armed force to prevent it. It will only result in the loss of innocent lives. It is absolutely pointless to bring so-called to democracy to Iraq with armed force. Cultures change very slowly and only when the people are given equal access to education.

Next time, try reading the thread instead of jumping in just to put someone down. Your summary of my statements, suck.

Do you think we should you use armed force to liberate women? If so, perhaps we should start at home.