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Posted By: Sorcha
02-Jun-04 - 03:06 PM
Thread Name: Sorch is Home!
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
Gordon collected me and we had a quick cuppa in the motorway café. He had already decided that instead of going straight back to Hull we were doing Whitby. So, super drive over the North Yorkshire Moors, stop in Beck Hole just to see the village. Charming little place. I was sort of amazed at the sheep in the front yards up there. Arrived in Whitby before dark in time to see the reproduction of Captain Cook's ship Endeavor. Looks pretty small to do what he did in it. We went pub crawling looking for Raggytash and Ossonflags but didn't find them. In Whitby I tried to leave our new digie cam in a pub……(notice that I am littering my stuff all over the UK but I haven't fallen in any more oceans) Bassic drove us back down to Hull and the next afternoon we went to the Old Black Boy pub. Les, Maggie, brid widder and Beardy met us there. Bassic had to go to work so Les gave me his famous walking tour of Hull town. I wish the Deep had been open. It's a marine aquarium. All of Hull (center) has fishes engraved/carved in the sidewalks. I was particularly charmed by the Red Herring Walk. Bassic offered me a ride on his new (?) motor bike, a Kawasaki 1000. Cool, once I got used to it again. We hit at least 100 MPH!! Stopped at Nellies (White Horse) in Beverly and met Deanmeister who just happened to be there for lunch.

        Next evening when Bassic had to work (man, doesn't that get in the way of having fun???) he passed me to jOhn9. ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!! John tidied up for my arrival! I was really impressed! (*BG*). Of course, we went……………….pub crawling.
Stopped at a quite nice one, I forget the name of it, met up with el ted, sweetfia and Ted's lady friend. Next pub was the Adelphi…….oh boy. Grubbiest pub I've ever been in! But the fellowship was great. Met my 'husband' Skipjack, Oaklet and Nahro the fiddler. Boy oh boy can he play. He made Maggie walk and talk for him playing Eastern European tunes. All had a 'go' on Maggie, even jOhn! 3 days in Hull was NOT enough! (But can we find someplace besides the Adelphi? I swear the loos have not been cleaned in 20 years and they don't believe in vacuuming). I also met Bassic's lovely brother who had a birthday while I was there. Next stop, Roughton, Norfolk and the Freeman Household.