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Posted By: Sorcha
02-Jun-04 - 03:23 PM
Thread Name: Sorch is Home!
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
Bassic, bless his heart, drove me all the way to the Freemans just outside of Norwich. All the way around the Wash. You all make fun of me for thinking places are just a hop and a skip apart and for the most part they really seemed that way to me, but Hull to Norwich really is a Long Ways! We followed directions and couldn't see the house, so pulled out of the drive we were in back to the A road and called. Turned out that we HAD been sitting in the front yard but the house is so well hidden we couldn't see it. Doh.

        In her little corner of Norfolk, Pip has created a bit of Heaven. Her gardens are just unbelievable. Woodland one, English Cottage one, veg one….wow. I am super envious of the moisture you Yookers get. Pip and I went for a nice walk on the Cromer Beach (North Sea—I dabbled in it but did NOT fall in) and I found more rocks to bring home. NO, Sorch, you can't take home all the rocks in England!! Best part was that I found some petrified worms (annelid, I think) and several 'Hag Stones'. These are rocks that the sea has drilled a hole in and in Medieval times they were hung over the doorways of buildings to keep out the witches and evil spirits. Pip also gave me a small one in exchange for the big one I found and gave me another piece of worm rock. The Freeman House is just a wonderful place for relaxing and getting a major Critter Fix. Cats, dog, chickens…..had a GREAT time.

        Pip and I also did Norwich center, including the Cathedral. It has the 2nd highest spire in England. I was just truly in awe of this building. More or less built in only 50 years. You can tell that the entire town devoted their lives to building it. Amazing roof bosses of carved stone way up high where no one can really see them. Truly, for the Glory of God. One can only imagine the feelings of the peasants when they were let in to worship there. THIS is the real meaning of 'awestruck'. One amusing thing, to me at least, is that the baptismal font in the Cathedral is a huge solid copper basin that used to be a chocolate pot in a chocolate factory.
        Also in Norwich I saw the town 'square' in which there was a South African festival going on, the Guild Hall and Town Hall which was still wearing its inflatable yellow Canary…..(Brit football) Pip also took me to see her local parish church and St. Margarets Church and grave yard. Still to come in Norfolk... the story of St. Margaret's,the Shire Horse Centre, & the Rudest Woman in the World.