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Posted By: Sorcha
02-Jun-04 - 04:56 PM
Thread Name: Sorch is Home!
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
Well, it's now my last weekend in YookLand. What can I say about Yorkshire Gather except that it was fabulous? Great friends, great music, great food, great beer, etc….I am fascinated by fiddler's African Safari rig….Land Rover with tent on top. Several of us debated whether we could get into it after a night of drinking and if we would fall out while sleeping. Yes, I probably would. After all, I fell out of bed at Khatt/Micca's place……it was Micca's fault (grin) Liz got rides on both Wiggan and Bassic's bikes…she was excited. Watched the kids (Big and Little) play some kind of tether ball game. Met Dodger the greyhound. Drank lots of beer. Played lots of tunes with BanjoRay. Met lots of Catters. The Duck's children are wonderful. Limpit is wonderful. Mudcatters are wonderful. Didn't win any of the lottery stuff. I did try to buy the stuffed owl off the bloke who won it, but no go. Shot some pool with Maddie and Firecat. Tig passed out backrubs. Wulfie kissed davetnova. We have pics to prove it.

You should all go there.

OH, forgot to mention that when Bassic dropped me off at Pip's house, I managed to leave my wallet in his car. This, after going to great lengths, calling home collect, etc to get cash. I told you I was littering all over England. Wallet, money and passport were safely reunited at the YG. Since this was a pub yard and we were camping I tried to 'police' the area as well as I could. Several times I was told to leave off. I responded that my da had brought me up to always leave a place cleaner than I found it. Take only memories, leave only footprints. Now, I have invites for all over England to come and leave the place cleaner than I found it…….LOL. Liz kindly gave me a lift back to London. Khatt, Micca and I spent my last night with Liz and Manitas at their house. More wine for me and my friends! The next morning bright and early Micca got me to the train station and headed me for Heathrow. I am very proud of myself that I made it all by myself! I arrived in Heathrow about 5 hrs early (better than late!) so I bought a book that you all should read. It's called "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" by Mark Haddon. Written from the point of view of a young boy with Asperger's Syndrome. Great read. Flight home was uneventful except that it was all in daylight and clear weather so I got to see all of Ireland from the air including the Cliffs of Moher. Also saw some pretty amazing icebergs from 35,000 feet. Aisle seat over in the dark, window seat coming home in daylight. What more could I ask for?

        The couple sitting next to me coming home were visiting the US for the first time and when we started getting close to Denver they kept asking me…What is that? Where are we? and stuff so you Yookers got some of your own back regarding my silly questions. I did see the weird murals in the Denver airport but was a tad disappointed that I didn't get to see the swastika shape of the runways from the air. Denver International should have smoking areas like Heathrow. I was met in Denver by Mr, Kate and Art. We got hung up because of a crash on the motorway north of Denver and were about 3 hrs late delivering Kate and Art home. They had to take us to a super Italian restaurant for a late dinner so it was 1 AM before I actually saw the Corgis. We all went bughouse. Also, the jet lag in either direction was really not bad at all. When I got home, I slept from 1 AM to 7 AM and woke thinking I had overslept by 7 hrs. I went ahead and got out of bed and didn't go back to bed until 10 PM that night so I got back on my time zone pretty quickly.

        All gifts have been distributed and were much appreciated. When I can, I'll get a pic of Kate in her beaded Asian suit (which was made in US) I do have a pic of Owen with his antique pewter tankard. Luke says he can't 'have' it right now because he'll boink somebody on the head. Damn, he is cute. He has a great shit eating grin and uses it to his Great Advantage! Not walking yet, but almost crawling.
        In spite of littering all over UK, I think I got home with everything except the pheasants and pieces of jade. I finally remembered that I had them in Greater Torrington, Devon, so there is a remote possibility that they are still in Leadfingers car. He did find my signature sheets so now I need to get started on the Trip Fiddle.

In the immortal words of Dougie MacArthur……'I shall return'. Don't know when, must pay off the bills from this one but every minute was worth it.

Pics to come when I figure out how to mail just one or two from a disc and get the real film developed.

Super Thanks to All!